Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mi Primer Congresso, pero no último!

Hello friends!

When I was in India, preparing for my Internship in Mexico, I was planning to return on 2nd August, 2017 and I almost booked my tickets. But then Adris texted me and told me that "You've to stay till Congress. Don't miss on that." I didn't know anything about "Congress" and just followed what Adris said, I decided to stay till Congress.

Almost when the month of July started, everyone in the office started talking about The Congress, the work, events etc. And so I finally started getting familiar with what actually is Congress. The month of July passed really fast because there was a lot of work. But I'll say that was the best time because I finally started to open up with everyone in the office. All day we would work, crack jokes, do practices, more work and that made me talk more about myself and I learned a lot about everyone else.

4th August, 2017, finally the day came! I woke up at 5am after sleeping at 3:30 am because I was packing my luggage all night. Those who saw my luggage will know the struggle. Haha
So after we left in the bus, I spent most of the time sleeping. But in between I woke up to play some fun activities.

Our first stop was at Tula. The place was beautiful with different types of cactus all around and a pyramid. It was really hot there that it finally reminded me of my hometown, New Delhi. We were there for almost  an hour and every team was given a task of team picture. We clicked a funny team picture there and then we went to the pyramid.


Then we got back into our buses after enjoying the Tula visit and I went to sleep,  otrovez! Haha
When we reached the Hotel, we were welcomed by the staff. It was so amazing, their performance, ropas, personality, everything. I was thrilled.
We had lunch together and it was so tasty. Everything around was feeling so good, so positive. Watching everyone eating together, laughing, clicking pictures, in that moment I was feeling really thankful that I stayed till Congress, to witness this. Really, I can't even describe that feeling in words.
And by the way, my revolutionary name is Aquina.

After resting a bit, the Hippo activity for that day started. Angeles was the fellow and she was looking absolutely beautiful in her ropa típica de Japonesa. 


 This Hippo Session had a lot of everything. A lot of SADAs, a lot of Metakatsu, a lot of Jikoshokai, amazing different activities and so this session was a lot different y mue divertido! I realised that I already made a lot of friends just on the first day. I achieved my first goal of The Congress.
And now my favorite part: After the Hippo session ended, we headed to the dining hall to have dinner. Yayy, tasty food, again!

After filling my tummy with a lot of tasty tacos, we went to watch the theatrical piece of the staff of the hotel. Even though I didn't understand everything they said but I was bursting with laughter, thanks to their amazing acting. I laughed a lot, my cheeks were hurting after that. But that wasn't enough. There was much more madness coming. Then we went to the Bonfire area and they started their performance again. That night was a laughter riot. I didn't stop laughing even for a minute and I think by then my cheeks became used to this much smiling that they stopped hurting like before, one more accomplishment.

Next day was multicultural day and I was nervous about a lot of things. First, I had to wear a saree and I didn't know how to drape a saree, second, I had to give speech in Espaniol, and I was sure that I'll make a mistake on stage and then there were other small things like walking in saree because its really difficult for me.
So this day started with visiting Tequisqapan, one of my home. We went to the Central and there was a surprise for me. I saw my mom and dad ( Moy's family) and I was so happy to see them again. I spent all my time with them. I ate a lot of things like pastry, ice cream, chapulins etc. Yes, I ate chapulins again even when I promised myself that I'll not. But, nothing can come between me and tasty food, not even my own promises. Haha
We left Tequisqapan in an hour I guess and I had to say goodbye to mom and dad.

Then we went to The Winery. This was a next level experience. I learned both the beauty and science behind the making of wine. The fields were beautiful, the sky so clear. Even though it was really hot but I was enjoying my time there. After the tour we had our lunch there and got the chance to taste the delicious wine. The food and wine, both were really tasty and the noon was spent super fine with all the friends. We talked all noon, sipping wines, having fun. We even got a free bottle, thanks to Romain. Haha

Then we said bye bye to the winery and came back to hotel. Then the Hippo Session began.
The second day was multicultural and I had to wear the saree, trust me only I know the struggle. I don't even know how I was successful in draping it. This was my first attempt, another achievement added in my list. Haha
So I came down, really nervous about my speech because I had a feeling that I'll forget it on stage. But what could I do, so instead of worrying more, I did the practice for the last time and then started
enjoying the Hippo session. The activities, games, SADAs, they helped me a lot in cheering up. I was watching the skit of Kabajin and friends from backstage, and it was amazing. Then finally, came my turn. I started speaking whatever I learned and it was going pretty well, until the end, where I forgot some part of the speech. But everyone in the audience and backstage didn't let me feel bad, instead I was so happy to see how everyone was cheering up, boosting my morale. I got down from the stage
smiling. Thank you everyone for that. This incident is an example of what Hippo is made up of.

Then started the special activity of Hippo. This activity was so different and fun, and I actually learned a lot of new words in different languages. I could see how everyone was enjoying.  There's a reason we called it "The Special Activity".

And after the special activity, the Hippo Session of the day ended. Everyone went to their rooms to get ready for fiesta, The Revolution Style!

So I came down at around 9 pm and directly went to the buffet, porque sabes lo mucho que me encanta la comida. jajaja  I tried almost everything that was on table, and the food was really tasty.
It was so good to see everyone dressed up. And I would say I was so lucky that I brought those clothes I was wearing, without even knowing that they will be perfect for the theme of this party.
Then started the dance and I swear that was the best part of the evening. I enjoyed the state wise performances of Acapulco, Cuernavaca, Puebla etc. but I loved the dance of Chihuahua. Actually that dance was a challenge because my legs were hurting after that, still I didn't stop. That evening, I literally danced on every SADA. I didn't even know I had that much stamina, one more accomplishment. Haha

 And I also made everyone dance on a Bollywood song called "Kala Chashma". I can't believe everyone liked that song so much and I can't believe in myself that I even danced on that song. Now I know that I'm a pretty good dancer too!


Also, we won the team photograph competition. Yayy
Equipo 2 es Harasho!

That night was full of joy because I forgot that I'm here only for two more days.

Next day, I was a bit low on energy because my brain kept on reminding me that it's my last day here. Silly brain. I tried to shift my attention anywhere else, but this. 
That day, Margarita, Romain and I did a skit on our experiences and that went really good. With everyone sharing their experiences and talking their hearts loud, this day also came to an end. And that is when realization kicked me really hard and I started crying. I'm a person who doesn't cry much, but I was crying that day. That means something. 

In the end, I would say that I made a lot of friends, enjoyed each an every moment, made families and what not. I got a lot of gifts and messages, even from people I never met and that melts my heart.
Before coming here, I was a totally different person in India- bit introvert, inexpressive and now I'm a totally changed personality. Full credit goes to Hippo and the friends and families I made here.
Writing this blog was a bit difficult for me because this time I was writing it from New Delhi. But I'm moving on and living my life happily here, hoping that one day I'll come back.

I Thank everyone for giving me the best 66 days of my life.