Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Katiti in Korea

안녕하세요 am Katiti, now I'm intern in Japan Pleased!
I have been in office since September Hippo Japan last year, I am very happy to be here.

In May I had the opportunity to visit Hippo Korea, this was a great experience. At first I had no idea how great was Korea, when he thought about how he would imagine that Japan would resemble in many respects but, although Asia, Japan and Korea are very different; but it certainly was amazing, let's start. 

Korean people are very warm, everyone came to greet me, gave me his hand and a hug, why this surprised me so much? Because in Japan there is not much physical contact between people, ie not many hugs, not hold hands, of course they are very friendly but a little different; I mean this when I thought they were similar, they are actually very different. My mom Korean when I looked a little tired I rubbed her back and gave me encouragement, my mom in Daegu grabbed my hand or arm to walk, this was a bit strange for me at first, but of course is part of knowing a new culture and it is always important to have the mind and heart open.  


In Korea when you go to eat some water to drink for free, for example, in restaurants you can take all the water you want, waiters all the time bring you water at your table, and there are water dispensers in areas such as "fast food" Interesting right?

Utensils on the table are chopsticks and a spoon, both metal and rice eaten with a spoon without any problem; eat lots of food with spicy, often smells of food were similar to the smells of the food in Mexico, Korean food is spicy and extremely rich, I told one of my favorite foods is the "Bibimbap" and good every day I eat bibimbap in Korea, although of course I tried other foods.

I was only 5 days in Korea so only use once the metro, and is very spacious inside, you can spend with your credit card (like card for Metrobus or subway), and also note that there is a special lane for buses on the roads and in the city for public transport trucks, then if you go by car you get to put up with the traffic, but if you go on the bus no. KTX trip is the fastest train in Korea.


 The buildings are extremely high and they are all very similar, but all belonging to the same "unity" are equal you imagine LIVE IN THE FLAT 50 ?, I think it also gave me a little scared, I could not tell what the building in my Family living host. 

Hippo every day to participate in sessions Hippo 2 in Seoul and Daegu 2, did SADAS, metakatsu and Jikoshoukai, was very happy to be able to share my Spanish with them and they shared so much Korean. Korean partners will expect more partners from Mexico to Korea HIPPO, hopefully many partners Korea also go to Mexico, mudno is really small.

I had 3 adoptive families, they were all really nice to me, I really do family ties, my first family was mom, dad, two younger brothers and a sister, the children were very kind to me and helped me in everything, mom and dad helped me with I did not understand and we talked a lot. Daegu my family was new in Hippo, one had only 3 and the other 7 months very little but had the mind and open heart, and although only coexisted with them one day, it was a great time, my first family in Daegu was my father, mother and two younger sisters, one is in high school and one in high school, the time spent at school too, from 7 am to 10 pm, studying a lot. My second family was mom, dad and two younger brothers, one studying in secunadaria and my sister in elementary school, my mother lived for 4 years in Germany, so she could speak German, English and Korean, then at home also they speak English and German.

I want to go back to Korea and continue to learn a new culture, and of course buy some more Korean.

It looks like Mexico!

Thank you !

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

¡Gracias Chihuahua!

El sábado 24 de junio tuvimos el evento especial de despedida de las japonesas, Maika, Misato y Kanoko.

Nos ensenaron sus experiencias en la escuela y en su familia, Maika y Kanoko bailaron ballet de México mientras Misato cantó una canción en español con su guitarra.

Que padre de escucharlas, se adaptaron muy bien a la cultura mexicana. De hecho, ¡son mexicanas! Sus maneras de ser, de hablar... ¡parecieron a las de su familia! Lo que me gustó mucho es también verlas hablar entre ellas en español TODO EL TIEMPO. No estaban buscando la "facilidad" de hablar japones sino de vivir sus momentos en México a 100% (y según yo era difícil para ella de hablar japonés también!).

Luego, todos fuimos a la oficina de Hippo en Chihuahua para hacer un gran mochiyori. Comimos mucha comida, como carne asada. Fue el momento para mi de hablar mucho con todos los socios y papás con quién tal vez no tenia la oportunidad de hablar antes.

Al final del mochiyori, fui con mi ultima familia en Chihuahua, la familia Oyarzabal.

Tenia la oportunidad de conocerlos durante todo el mes antes de irme con ellos, entonces no tuve problemas de adaptación. ¡Ademas que son todos muuy buena onda!

Bueno, me quedé una noche en la casa y el domingo fui a Ciudad Juárez para extender mi permiso de estancia en México. Como pude, ¡me quedo con ustedes hasta diciembre seguro!

Paso a Estados Unidos

No vi mucho de Ciudad Juárez, nada mas el paso a Estados Unidos... Volví a Chihuahua 2 días después, el martes.

Este mismo día, mi hermana Arashai tuvo una presentación de opera en el teatro de la ciudad.

Fue la primera vez que escuché opera y es muy bonito!! Me gustó la mezcla entre el teatro y la música. Era la historia de un payaso y de su esposa que gusta un otro hombre...

El miércoles fue la despedida de las japonesas, fueron a Ciudad de México para juntarse con todas las otras y compartir sus experiencias antes de regresar a Japón. Fue un momento cargado en emoción para todos. Ahora van a regresar a una vida "normal"... pero ver a su familia y sus amigos, ¡no puede ser malo!

El jueves, tuve un dia de descanso y aprovechamos este tiempo para cocinar con mi familia.

Y el viernes 30, ¡ya fue tiempo para regresar a Ciudad de México! Fue un dia un poco pesado porque el vuelo tuvo mucho retraso pero al final, ya llegué :).

Gracias Chihuahua por todos los momentos que tuvimos juntos. No voy a olvidar tus cerros y la hermosa vista que tenemos en cualquier lugar de tu ciudad. ¡Ah! También, no voy a olvidar tu calor ;).

No voy a olvidar mis familias, los socios de Hippo y las otras personas que conocí alla, muchas gracias a ustedes!

Regreso a Ciudad de México un poco triste, pero con la certeza de regresar pronto!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cuernavaca fue increible!

On 23rd June, 2017 at 17:10, I left for Cuernavaca. It was a beautiful journey of 2 hours and the scenes and landscapes I witnessed on my way to Cuernavaca were breathtaking. At the bus station, my host mother and Hippo fellow, Angeles Ramirez was there to receive me.

She gave me a warm welcome and then we went to the car. On our way to a mall, we talked a lot about Mexico, India, Cuernavaca and what not. I was already feeling so comfortable with her. We went to the mall to see my host father, Julio, playing a beautiful instrument, called Marimba.
 It was approx 19:00 and we found a place from where we could see Julio and his team playing Marimba. The sky was clear and beautiful and I was already falling in love with this place. We sat there for like 2-3 hours, enjoying the music. Angeles introduced me to a lot of new Spanish phrases and words, for example now I can fluently say, " yo ablo un poko de Espaniol" and I feel so proud of myself that I can speak at least this much of Spanish! Haha! 
Also when we were in the mall, I made a new friend, Alejandra. She runs a Facebook Group, called "Foreigners in Cuernavaca". We exchanged information about our work and stay in Mexico and she also helped me with some Spanish words and phrases.

When Julio's performance finished, we went to Walmart for little shopping and then went straight to home. There I met rest of my family, two younger brothers, Jose Maria and Emiliano.

Next day, Angeles, Jose Maria and I went for the Hippo Activity at Ureshii Club. I met the members of the club and it was so much fun meeting new people and talking about different things. We danced on SADAs, repeated different languages during METAKATSU and there were many new activities which I witnessed for the first time. Then came JIKOSHOUKAI, where I presented my Kamishibai in both Espaniol and Hindi. Also, I helped Angeles and Jose Maria to present their Kamishibai in Hindi and it was so much fun. At the end there was a bit emotional moment for everyone as Ayano, an Exchange from Japan will be leaving for Japan on Thursday and it was such a beautiful moment when I saw her host family members talking about her stay here.

After the Hippo Activities at Club Ureshii ended, Jose Maria, Angeles and I went to Teopanzolco to see the pyramids. After that, we went to Downtown. We had our lunch there and the food was delicious. Then we went to see the local market and roamed around in the streets of Downtown for some time. I tried Bolis, which is a sort of ice cream, but different type of ice cream and it was so tasty. We three spent quality time there and then by the night we were home.

And then we three went to a family function to Cuautla. It was almost an hour away and the way from Cuernavaca to Cuautla was so beautiful. It was like a road trip. There I made a new friend, Fernanda. We talked a lot and just like that my second day at Cuernavaca also ended well.

On Sunday, we went to Tlaltizapan for swimming with the Hippo club members. Tlaltizapan is a beautiful place, full of nature. We spent our whole day doing Hippo activities, snacking and swimming in the Lake. I can't tell in words how perfect that Sunday was.

On Monday, I first went to Jose Maria's school as there was a little celebration for his promotion to next grade. Then Angeles and I went to her workplace at Centro de Investigaciones Quimicas UAEM. She is a Professor there and teaches Chemistry. And also she works in the Laboratory. She showed me her work and trust me it was so amazing. I was like chido!

Then on our way to home, we stopped at a red light and went to Shirashi, i.e. distributing Hippo Brochures in the street and Angeles taught me how to do it. She taught me a line, "Te puedo dar uno" which I learned immediately and used that to distribute the brochures. It was so amazing, me speaking something in Spanish and people were actually understanding what I was saying! Haha!

When we were coming back home, she showed me some place around her home and took me to a site from where sunset is visible. Though I couldn't see the sunset but that place was so beautiful and peaceful. We spent some time there, enjoying the nature.

Cuernavaca is a beautiful place with beautiful people. I learned a lot in those 4 days, met new people, made new friends.

Tach and Maka, dogs who lived nearby also came to say goodbye! Haha. They were so cute.

Every beautiful journey has to end, mine ended a bit early. Those 4 days spent in Cuernavaca was something I never expected of. It was hard for me to leave my family, that place, but on Tuesday, I finally bid adieu to Cuernavaca.