Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tequisquiapan was different!

Hola Todos!
I left for Tequisquiapan on Viernes at approx 2:10 pm. I was supposed to get in the bus at 3:15 pm but we're late and missed that bus. Then Ivan and I waited for 2 horas at the Autobus station, and finally I got into the bus at 5:00 pm. By the way, the name on my ticket was "Shivani Sangh" and I didn't correct it this time because it happens all the time. Haha

I reached Tequisquiapan at around 9:00 pm and there I met my family. I walked to my casa with my mom, Monika y hermano, Martin. At Casa, I met abuelita, Hortencia y me hermano menor, Jair. We had dinner together and talked a lot about India, Tequisquiapan, Hippo and I tried to sing some Mexican song. Well, I'm not that bad of a singer. Haha
Then we went to sleep.
PS: Abuelita cooks delicious food!

On Sabado, I went to the Hippo Session with Martin and Jair and met new people. The session was amazing and different from the Hippo Sessions we have at CDMX. 

After the Hippo Session we went to our home and had lunch. Did I mention that the lunch was amazing? Well, it was like heaven! Hahaha
After being full of delicious food, we ninos helped packing obleas for my mom's work. After that we went to the Centro and spent some time there joking, talking, eating. And the highlight of my Tequisquiapan stay- I ATE CHAPULIN! AND THEY WERE TASTY! Haha Yo no se why I ate them but that was totally loco!

Si, for me, it was disgusting to eat them so I had to close my eyes. But you know, food is life and you only live once, so I ate them anyway. Haha

 Then we went to the shop where my mom works. My mom has a shop of Dulces and trust me she's
an amazing salesperson. I learned a lot from her.
After closing the shop, we came home and Martin made Margaritas for everyone. That too was really good. Then I tried to play Fifa on Xbox with Jair. We set a match between India and Bolivia and the score was 0-5, yes India lost very badly! Well, that was a bit depressing. Haha
After making India lose, we watched a movie, King Kong having Palomitas with salsa, Que Riccooo!

On Domingo, me hermanos y yo went to another Hippo session and there also I met new people. That session tambien was muy divertido!After the session ended, we discussed India and Mexico while having our palomitas and that was a really good conversation.



After the session we went to our home and guess what? I had another delicious meal, Chile Rellena, Arroze y Frijole!
After having our lunch, we went to the shop where my mom was working. Again, I observed a lot about how she works unless Jair told me to attract the customers to the shop. All I had to do was to say, "Gusta Poblar Oblea y Amaryntho?" while offering some to the customer. In the beginning, I said, "No",  porque I was really afraid to do that but Jair insisted and so I started doing my job. And Thank God, I was able to attract at least one customer and that was a win win moment for me. I am really proud of myself. Haha


Also I got a free cupcake from a lady who sold cupcakes in the adjacent shop and that was really tasty. I'm very lucky when it comes to food!
After closing our shop, we went to Pena de Bernal. It is a beautiful small town located on a rock and I was amazed to know that it's the largest rock in the world. We had Michelada and for dinner we ate Gorditas de migijan, again, which was very tasty. The funny thing happened there was that I put a lot of wakamole on my Gordita without realizing that it was muy picante, Muy rico pero muy picante, and when I had the first bite, my mouth burned. So, sadly I had to wipe that off.




Then on our way back to coche, we had pan dulce, enjoying the frio and the beautiful scene of Pena de Bernal. Then we went home.

On Lunes, I left for CDMX in the morning.

Tequisquiapan was amazing and different. The lifestyle, town and people there are different. I enjoyed every bit of my stay there and learned a lot from this experience. I wish to go back some day.

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