Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mi primer mes

¡Hola todos! soy Shunsuke Seo.
What I have been working in Hippo office in Mexico!

One month has passed since I came to Mexico, so I want to write the first month report.

On October 3rd. I flied to Mexico from Japan. 
When I arrived in Mexico, I was tired because it takes about 13 hours.
I met Migueru and Adris at the airport, and went to Migueru's house by taxi.

My first day, I ate Tacos with my brothers Migueru and Hazael. There were muy rico!

In regard to work, as I could do only chore, so I felt terribly sorry.

October 12th, I had my first free day. I went Bellas Arutes and Zócalo.
I felt Nothing but only impressed with those beautiful architectures.
And I dropped into shop about anime and manga nearby Bellas Arutes.
I went to sightseeing by myself for the first time in Mexico, but I didn´t get nervous and I had a very good time.

October 14th, I went anime and manga expo with Jorge and Oira.
There were many cosplayers, many goods, and I listened to some musics of anime and game.
I´m the one of Otaku, so I was so excited.
It´s muy divertido! It´s fantastic!

All member of Hippo office prepared for the DAI FAMILY.
DAI FAMILY is one of the biggest event for HIPPO MEXICO.
On October 22nd, DAI FAMILY was held.
¡Vino mucha gente! I made a presentation about my experience and why I came to Mexico, what I feel, etc.
After the DAI FAMILY, we held MOCHIYORI Party.
We brought various foods. It was a lot of fun.
DAI FAMILY had a great success, and new members entered to Hippo.
Also I turned 21 years old on this day.

October 25th, I went to Tequisquiapan for help 3rd years anniversary of Xi De Kaishi Family with Roman.
I and Roman had a homestay at Martín´s house, who is Fellow of Xi De Kaishi family.
There was also Maria who is the year long program student from Japan.

I was so confused, because even when I arrived at Tequis, I didn´t know what I had to do there.
However, thanks to the help by Martin and Roman, I managed to work.

Tequis is placed at center of Mexico, but quiet city unlike Mexico City.
Muy bonito.

I did various things in tequis, for example, handing out shirashi, to help for Moni´s shop (Moni is Marutín´s mother).

October 28th 3rd years anniversary of Xi De Kaishi Family was held.
Había mucha gente como DAI FAMILY.
I played many SADAs, METAKATSU with full power.
Also MOCHIYORI Party was held.  ¡Todos muy rico!
After that, we played various games.
It was very fun day.

November 1st and 2nd, in día de Muertos.
Many people did scary cosplay, There were many skeletons, y mucho papel picado,
Todos se divirtieron mucho, claro yo también.

Novemver 6th I did farewell to family in Tequis, and I came back to Mexico City

My first month was like this.
And now, I came to work in Hippo office in Chihuahua since November 8th.
I will do my best for three more months.


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