Thursday, June 8, 2017

Namastey Mexico!

When I was waiting at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi for my flight, I had butterflies of mixed emotions in my stomach. I was sad, happy, nervous, anxious, excited and what not, all these emotions at the same time. Maybe because I was travelling abroad for the first time and that too solo. It took me approximately 25 hours to reach here. I was tired and sleepy when I came out of Mexico City Airport. Then I saw my host family and Adriana there. They were so excited to see me and at that time all my sleep went away and I was so excited to see them. They greeted me really well and I was on cloud nine after that.

My host mama and brother drove me home and there I met the other family members. For next two days, I was only roaming in the City with my mama. We went to Downtown, Coyoacan, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Zocalo and many other places. I tried different Mexican food and I loved each and everything I tried. In these 3 days, I was already very comfortable with my family, specially my mama, Ofelia. I think this is the best I could get and I thank Hippo-LEX MEXICO, AIESEC UNAM for that.


On 5th June, 2017 I went to Hippo Club Office with my mama. There I met fellow interns and colleagues and also many other people who are a part of this organisation. In the morning we had a lot of fun by doing certain activities. There were a lot of fun activities which focus on learning different languages. At Hippo Club they don’t teach you anything, you learn by yourself and that too by just doing some activities. I was amazed by looking at all the activities they created and how differently this Language Station works. We had this session for like 2 hours and then I was told about all the work I’ve to do. The people here are so friendly and the Environment in the office is very positive.

Next day I first came to office, did some office work and then at around 15:45, some Hippo members and I left for Kiseki Club for doing the fun language learning activities. There I met new people and we played games, introduced ourselves in different languages, danced. There were people of all age groups, helping each other with different languages.  And at the end of the day I actually learned a lot of different words from different languages, and taught people some common Hindi words and Phrases.

It’s been only five days in Mexico and I’m already getting comfortable with the Mexican Lifestyle, food, transport etc. This is possible only because of the people around me- my host family, Hippo members and AIESEC members.
 I’m really glad that I took this opportunity because everything here is more than I expected!


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