Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Katiti in Korea

안녕하세요 am Katiti, now I'm intern in Japan Pleased!
I have been in office since September Hippo Japan last year, I am very happy to be here.

In May I had the opportunity to visit Hippo Korea, this was a great experience. At first I had no idea how great was Korea, when he thought about how he would imagine that Japan would resemble in many respects but, although Asia, Japan and Korea are very different; but it certainly was amazing, let's start. 

Korean people are very warm, everyone came to greet me, gave me his hand and a hug, why this surprised me so much? Because in Japan there is not much physical contact between people, ie not many hugs, not hold hands, of course they are very friendly but a little different; I mean this when I thought they were similar, they are actually very different. My mom Korean when I looked a little tired I rubbed her back and gave me encouragement, my mom in Daegu grabbed my hand or arm to walk, this was a bit strange for me at first, but of course is part of knowing a new culture and it is always important to have the mind and heart open.  


In Korea when you go to eat some water to drink for free, for example, in restaurants you can take all the water you want, waiters all the time bring you water at your table, and there are water dispensers in areas such as "fast food" Interesting right?

Utensils on the table are chopsticks and a spoon, both metal and rice eaten with a spoon without any problem; eat lots of food with spicy, often smells of food were similar to the smells of the food in Mexico, Korean food is spicy and extremely rich, I told one of my favorite foods is the "Bibimbap" and good every day I eat bibimbap in Korea, although of course I tried other foods.

I was only 5 days in Korea so only use once the metro, and is very spacious inside, you can spend with your credit card (like card for Metrobus or subway), and also note that there is a special lane for buses on the roads and in the city for public transport trucks, then if you go by car you get to put up with the traffic, but if you go on the bus no. KTX trip is the fastest train in Korea.


 The buildings are extremely high and they are all very similar, but all belonging to the same "unity" are equal you imagine LIVE IN THE FLAT 50 ?, I think it also gave me a little scared, I could not tell what the building in my Family living host. 

Hippo every day to participate in sessions Hippo 2 in Seoul and Daegu 2, did SADAS, metakatsu and Jikoshoukai, was very happy to be able to share my Spanish with them and they shared so much Korean. Korean partners will expect more partners from Mexico to Korea HIPPO, hopefully many partners Korea also go to Mexico, mudno is really small.

I had 3 adoptive families, they were all really nice to me, I really do family ties, my first family was mom, dad, two younger brothers and a sister, the children were very kind to me and helped me in everything, mom and dad helped me with I did not understand and we talked a lot. Daegu my family was new in Hippo, one had only 3 and the other 7 months very little but had the mind and open heart, and although only coexisted with them one day, it was a great time, my first family in Daegu was my father, mother and two younger sisters, one is in high school and one in high school, the time spent at school too, from 7 am to 10 pm, studying a lot. My second family was mom, dad and two younger brothers, one studying in secunadaria and my sister in elementary school, my mother lived for 4 years in Germany, so she could speak German, English and Korean, then at home also they speak English and German.

I want to go back to Korea and continue to learn a new culture, and of course buy some more Korean.

It looks like Mexico!

Thank you !

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